Jessica Miller, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

SC #1648


I am a wife, mother, and licensed clinical psychologist.

For over 10 years, I have provided assessment, therapy, and consultation services to youth ages 5 to 18 years in a variety of settings including behavioral health clinics, hospitals, pediatrician offices, schools, and private practice.

My clinical practice has focused on utilizing evidence-based assessment and therapeutic interventions to improve the functioning of youth experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavior difficulties, as well as adjustment to life stressors.

I have also served as a content author and consultant in the development of psychologically-minded content for youth.

Please note, I am only accepting content development / authoring work at this time.

Experience & Education

Psychology Content Author and Consultant

Sagepath Digital Agency & The Medal of Honor Foundation

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center of Omaha

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center of Omaha

APA Accredited Internship

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles/University of Southern California

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

The Georgia School of Professional Psychology
(Argosy University, Atlanta)

Master of Arts of Clinical Psychology

The Georgia School of Professional Psychology
(Argosy University, Atlanta)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Criminology

Florida State University

Clinical Specialties

  • CBT, Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness Strategies
  • Group Therapy
  • Psychodiagnostic Assessment
  • Parent Training
  • Risk Assessment and Crisis Evaluation

Authoring & Consulting

My education and experience allow me to offer a unique perspective and expert opinion on the development of content for youth.

LiveUp - Medal of Honor Program logo

LiveUp was an online program developed to help teens improve their lives and the lives of others, while learning about the core values of the Medal of Honor. I was hired to develop content including: key topics, self-guided activities, quizzes and assessments, a reward system, and video scripts. I also provided psychological expertise regarding program structure, design, and marketing strategies.

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Children’s book mockup

Do You Have a Little Innie?

What’s a little Innie, you might ask? And, no, I’m not referring to your belly button. Do you have a little Innie inside your brain? You know, the part of your brain that helps form your personality. Well, Ian, a quiet, book-reading, bug-loving boy does indeed have an Innie – a quirky personification of introversion – residing and working inside his brain.

Throughout my 750-word fictional, picture book, it is Innie who narrates Ian’s story and shares tidbits of information about introversion along the way. Do You Have a Little Innie? is the first in a three-book series, with books two and three focusing on extroversion and ambiversion.